Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Blog is Born.... Fall in the Garden

Though fleeting, fall is one of my favorite times
in the garden with its myriad of burnt & vivid
oranges, reds golds and yellows against the green
backgrounds of evergreens... so rather than
the normal introductory first blog, which will
come later, I'd like to take you through the
garden gate with a little fall garden tour...
if you would...

The glorious fall color of Japanese Maples growing in
a quiet corner of the property of 'Love Apple Farm',
whose main focus is to provide food for the gourmet
restaurant 'Manresa' of Los Gatos, CA. More on this
inspiring place in a future post.
Japanese maples are a favorite tree in every
season. They are becoming my specialty when
it comes to aesthetic pruning (see the articles
section) Looking forward to pruning the Love
Apple Farms maples soon.

Designing a garden with seasonal interest
(interesting things going on in every season),
is one of the fun and involving challenges that
we as designers have the opportunity to face
time and time again. It is very rewarding work.

Autumnal interest in a Japanese style garden I designed and care for...
Thank you for visiting!
Wherever you are this fall, I hope you are enjoying
the season. I look forward to exploring the world of
fine garden design, fine garden care, aesthetic pruning,
bringing the inside out and the outside in to homes,
sustainable and green solutions, caring for the planet,
nursery and horticultural travels,
and the explorations and challenges of a single,
female artist/entrepreneur as she survives and thrives,
creating bounty and success in a business she loves...
as her profession and the world change at a rapid pace.

Questions for my readers:
What are your favorite trees for fall color?
What are you looking for in your garden?
What subjects would you like this post to cover?
How do you feel about the gardens shown on this post?

Feedback is welcome and I look forward to having you
back to visit often.



  1. The maples are my favorite for fall color. So nice to see a couple of pics of mine in your new blog. Congrats on the launch!

  2. Beautiful photos! Autumn is my favorite time of year. I look forward to more of your words and photos.