Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a New Day... a New Year... Hello 2010!

It's the last day of 2009 and the 'dead' of winter.... but the promise of Spring and a new year is already present for me (as I'm sure for many of you). It has been a challenging year... certainly it has given us the opportunity to appreciate how fortunate we are, what really is important, what we may have taken for granted.

I find it interesting that the beginning of the year does not find us yet in Spring, the time of beginnings, but instead in winter, a time of death, ending, of hibernation and gestation. I suppose it's one way that life has of telling us that this period of death is an important part of the process and must happen before new life can emerge...

I do my best to respect the cycles of life. My work designing and caring for gardens helps to reinforce that concept and certainly to see beauty in each season... yet it is sometimes so tempting to want to leap forward and to forget the process of gestation...

Since I decided not to publicize my blog but to a small circle until I had at least two entries, January 1st 2010 is like Spring to me... something inside me is being born... my gestation process already completed in this regard. Interesting that numerous cycles at different stages are going on simultaneously and all the time within us and in the world...

But the cycles of nature stay true...

I wish you a good gestation this winter, and also a little promise of things to come this year - of newness, of freshness, of enlightened beginnings.



  1. Marvelous Judy! Your blog looks wonderful, good job my friend! Thanks for being an important part of 2009 for me; I'm looking forward to more fun in 2010. Brava.

  2. Thank you so much Laura, that means so much to me. Gratitude for all your inspiration.

  3. Your photos are exquisite. Reflective thoughts inspiring.

  4. Ilona, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!